LEarning Awaits

who Are We?

SunnyVale Childcare Center, LLC is a family-owned childcare facility that promotes a
exceptional learning and childcare experience for both children and families within the
community. We specialize in promoting an engaging, safe and secure learning environment that
will enhance independence, creativity and critical thinking skills in all of our children.
The programs that we offer are Infants, Toddlers, Twos, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten.


  1. Shannon Bellamy

What Do we Offer?

In our infant program your baby will experience a loving, safe, and nurturing environment. Your baby will grow to learn the following skills.

Using their senses to explore the environment around them.
Learning simple sounds and movements.
Rolling, crawling, and standing to investigate their surroundings.
Using fine motor and hand movement skills to explore objects.


Beginning stages for potty training.
Singing songs and rhymes.
Learning to follow simple directions.
Learning to react with appropriate social and emotional skills to communicate with others.


Extensive potty training skills such as dressing and pottying. Proper handling of tools and utensils to create precise lines and scribbles.
Learning to share with others.Recognition of letters, shapes, and colors.


Learning to count from 1-10 by well detailed activities.
Building vocabulary skills by learning and recognizing letters and their sounds.
Engaging in dramatic play to learn to cooperate with others.
Beginning to learn proper writing techniques through various activities.


Extensive writing skills by learning to write without assistance and creating proper sentences.
Learning sight words and basic reading skills.
Using basic math concepts.
Learning to classify objects by color, shape, size or other characteristics.

Our school age program provides parents with before and after school childcare. The program offers excellent and convenient options for elementary school children, which includes...

Help with homework.
Hands on activities.
Fun and exciting on-site and off-site field trips.
Full day options when elementary school are closed.
An excellent summer camp program